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  • To encourage your child’s natural abilities and to promote his/her well-being.

  • To assist working parents with the daily separation from their children by providing a caring, fun, and loving atmosphere.

  • To provide quality childcare at affordable prices.

  • To provide a healthy and safe learning environment.



We must have the following items before your child attends:

  • Enrollment Application (with all authorizations signed)

  • Proof of current immunizations.  All children must be current on all immunizations.

  • Parent Handbook signature form (policies and procedures)

  • All needed supplies (diapers, wipes, snack, and formula.)


Prior to admission to Profiles, a parent must provide proof of current immunizations for their child.  All of children must be current on all immunizations.  Also, parents are asked to brief Profiles’ staff of any allergies the child may have to food or other allergens.  A brief informational background on each child is helpful.  Any physical or behavioral problems should be discussed with the staff prior to admission.


Hours of Operation

Childcare will be provided Monday through Friday from 6:00 am until 6:30  pm.  Profiles will be closed on observed holidays.  Any other closures will be clearly posted at the Center.  Parents must pick up their children no later than 6:30 pm unless prior notice and written arrangements have been made.


Fees and Payments

We do accept State of Alaska Child Care Assistance, Cook Inlet Tribal Child Care Assistance, and JOBS contracts.  Parents are responsible for keeping all contracts current and providing Profiles with current copies of their Child Care Assistance contracts.  In the event that a contract lapses or expires, the parent is responsible for all charges incurred during this period.


Withdrawal Procedures

Parents are required to give a written notice to the director at least 2 weeks prior to withdrawal. Should a parent be removed from the CMI program during the month and their child is removed, the parent is expected to pay $200 to offset the loss of their Day Care Assistance or the cost of the remainder of the month, which ever is less.


Profiles of Excellence has the right to terminate enrollment of a child for non-payment for services; not showing up for several days without calling; disregard to the center’s policies; or verbal abuse by parents to teachers, other students, or other parents.



Profiles of Excellence prohibits discrimination against any person seeking entrance into the center on basis of race, creed, sex, national origin, handicaps, and/or religious beliefs.


Parent Responsibilities

Each day of enrollment (each morning) parents will provide sufficient medicine (if applicable), diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk for infants, and at least one change of clothes (two for infants) for each child attending the center.  Children will be clean and dressed appropriately for the weather when arriving at Profiles. 


Please bring the following:

  • Small blanket for nap.

  • Baby wipes (if child is not completely potty-trained).

  • Diapers or pull-ups (if child is not completely potty-trained).

  • A complete change of clothes in a large Ziploc bag (two for infants).

  • Formula, baby food, bottles (all properly labeled with child’s name).

All items should be labeled with the child’s name.  Please use a permanent marker.  We are not responsible for unmarked items.


Number and Ages of Children

Profiles of Excellence is licensed for up to 85 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. 


Sick Child Policy

If a child has a fever of 100+ degrees, the staff must make a call to the parent or legal guardian or authorized designee and arrangements must be made for the child to be picked up from the facility.  If written permission has been given for a pain killer/fever reducer, the staff may then administer the medication to the child.  If the child is teething, and the medication helps with the fever, the child may remain in daycare.  All medication that is dispensed will be logged with time, date and amount given.


Written permission must be given by the parent or legal guardian before any medications are dispensed; prescription or non-prescription.  This permission slip will document the time of day the medication was given as well as the dosage.  The staff administering the medication will initial the slip once the medication is dispensed.


If a child has a communicable disease, such as the flu, strep throat, conjunctivitis, etc., they will not be permitted in the child care facility until no longer contagious.  Children developing symptoms such as flu, strep, etc., will be sent home.



If a child becomes injured while at Profiles; first the staff will treat the injury; ie: apply ice, band aide, or whatever treatment is required, or seek medical help.  The parent should be notified if it is deemed necessary; and an accident/injury report will be filed.  Documentation will also be made in our daily log regarding the injury.  All injuries will be verbally reported to the parents upon pick up. 


If the injury is severe enough to require treatment at a clinic or the hospital, our staff will notify the State Child Care Licensing Office.


Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency, the parent will be contacted immediately.  If the parent cannot be reached, contacts from your child’s file will be called.  If no one can be reached and the child may need medical assistance, the physician listed on the application or an ambulance will be notified.  Fees for medical services are the parents’ responsibility.  Our protocol is to call an ambulance or take the child to the nearest medical facility if we are ever in doubt of whether or not a child needs medical assistance. 


Daily Schedule

A daily schedule is posted clearly for parents to review.  There is a maximum of 1 hour of television viewing per day allowed in our Center.  Video games, Game boys, and computer use is limited to 1 time per week, 2 hours per day.


Arrival and Departure Procedures

When arriving at the center you are to:

  • Escort your child into the center.

  • Assist your child to the appropriate room. Do not leave children at front door.

  • Assist your child in placing his/her belongings in the proper cubby.

  • Notify a teacher of your child’s arrival.

  • Ensure your child’s comfort.

  • Sign your child in on the center’s sign in sheet.  Read all messages.

The center is not responsible for any child who is not properly checked in on the sign in sheet or who is not escorted to the correct room.


When checking your child out of the center, you are to:

  • Enter the center to pick up your child.

  • Check your child’s cubby for daily reports or class work.

  • Assist your child with any belongings he/she needs to take home. 

  • Inform a teacher you are leaving with your child.

  • Sign your child out on the center’s sign in sheet.  Read all messages.


A list of responsible people to whom your child may be released is kept in your child’s file.  Please update these names as needed.  The center must see a picture ID of the person picking up your child if we do not know them.  Also, please call us ahead of time if someone on your list will pick up your child if they do not normally do so.  Children will not be released to any individual who is obviously impaired (intoxicated, disoriented, aggressive, etc.).


Fire Drills

One fire drill per month will be conducted.  Employees are trained on the proper techniques in evacuating the building with the children if an emergency were to occur.


Guidance and Discipline

The staff will strive to provide an environment where all individuals will respect one another, cooperate and work with one another. 


It is expected that children will follow the established, basic rules.  Staff members will explain the reason for the rules; encourage children’s input on how everyone can work together to make a safe environment and recognize the needs of each child.


Appropriate behaviors will be reinforced and inappropriate behaviors will be re-directed and have consequences.  All discipline will be administered in a positive manner that is child centered and will contribute to the child’s positive development.


Corporal punishment will not be used under any circumstances.  Time-out and re-directions are acceptable disciplinary means at Profiles.  In severe circumstances, a phone call, and in some cases, a meeting between the parent, child and caregiver or Administrator may be required.


 The rules are clearly posted in our buildings for the children and parents to read and observe.  Simple basic rules are taught and enforced in the school-age areas.  Rules, such as, no running, hitting, spitting, biting, etc.


Any fighting (physical altercations) may result in a one day suspension.  A second offense may result in a 3 day suspension, the third fighting offense, and the child may be expelled from Profiles.


Bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances!


Outdoor Policy

Children will be outdoors everyday, weather permitting.  Parents should send appropriate clothing, ie; boots, hats, gloves, raincoats, winter gear, etc.  We will not go outdoors during the winter months if the temperature falls below 20 degrees.  Wind-chill, rain, or icy conditions also play a roll in determining whether we permit outdoor play.  We will go outdoors at least two times per day, a.m. and p.m. for at least 20 minutes or more.  We follow the Matanuska-Susitna School District’s policy regarding outdoor temperature restrictions.


Meals and Snacks

Profiles of Excellence will provide breakfast, lunch, and snack everyday for children who attend the little kids building.   

The weekly menu is posted by the front door.  Children will be served what is on the daily menu unless they have food allergies.  You must inform the center if your child has any food allergies.

Formula must be pre-mixed and labeled with the baby’s name and the date.  All baby food must be labeled with the baby’s name and date as well. 


Activities Policy

Children may walk to and from the facility with written permission from their parents, for walking field trips. State ratios for child care centers will always be followed, with appropriate caregiver to student ratios.


Television, Movie Viewing, Video Games and Computer Use

There is television, movie viewing, and video playing in the facility.  Children will only view educational or G rated material content programs not to exceed 1 ½ hours in a 24 hour period. 


Parent Involvement

Profiles of Excellence has an open door policy. Parents are encouraged to visit.  We discourage visitation at nap since children are sleeping and the center is very quiet at this time.  People who are not on the child’s authorized pick-up list are not allowed to visit the children while they are at the center. If a parent becomes a regular volunteer at the facility, they must be fingerprinted, have an Interested Person’s Report done with the State Troopers, and Release to Review Background check.  Please let the staff know if you plan on being a regular volunteer, so appropriate paperwork can be done.  We encourage you to visit your child, have lunch with them, and play if possible.


Conflict Resolution

Parent input is always welcomed. If a concern cannot be reconciled between the Day Director and the parent, the parent will be contacted by the Board of Directors and the conflict resolution procedures will be followed.


30 Day Notice

Parents will receive a 30 day notice when changes in rates or information in the handbook is changing.



No firearms and ammunition are and will not be present at Profiles JCCDC at anytime.


Animals and Poisonous Plants

No animals or poisonous plants are allowed at Profiles JCCDC at anytime.


Unpaid Balances

As per , that if an unpaid balance remains after 30 days, a late fee may be charged in accordance with the state statute of up to 10.5% a year. In the situation in which 45 days has passed and no attempt or arrangement has been made to pay an outstanding debt, Profiles of Excellence will list the debt with Cornerstone Credit Services, LLC

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